Keyboard Midi Files

At Strawberry Music Ltd, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to get a piece perfect. You might have the music right in front of you but still not understand how long to hold a note, or never quite get the timing of a note just right. That’s why we stock keyboard Midi files, so you can get some first-hand support.

What is a Midi file?
Midi files don’t contain music or audio files, so they can be stored on floppy disks as the information they contain can fit into a relatively small file. They can also be shared easily due to their small file size. Instead of music, they can give you specific instructions on how to play a piece, from what notes are played in which order, to the length of a note and how to time the note in the piece. Some software can convert Midi files into sheet music too. Why not give us a call at Strawberry Music Ltd for more advice on Midi files and how they can work for you.

Why would I need a Midi file?
If you find yourself staring at a complex piece and feel like you’ll never be able to match the pace or style of the music, keyboard Midi files may be for you. Making complex musical arrangements simple, you’ll find that you’re able to take the next step in your musical development, or even career, by mastering those pieces with some Midi file assistance. Midi software even allows you to slow down the music so you can build up to the speed that the piece demands. By physically telling you what notes to play and when, keyboard Midi files take the confusion out of sheet music.

A range of music for your style
Whether you’re looking for some swinging show tunes or some Christmas classics, we have a huge range of keyboard Midi files to help you. Browse through our site selection to choose the best songs for your musical needs. We have music by Cliff Richard, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Scott Joplin and from the James Bond soundtrack, so there are hundreds of tunes on offer to satisfy your repertoire.

We’re on hand to help you
Strawberry Music Limited are on hand 24/7 to support you with all your software queries and questions. Rain or shine, weekend or holiday, we’re here to take your call and talk through the best software to meet your needs. We also flexible with our shipping, and will deliver to anywhere in the world, just check out our prices on the website to find the correct postage information for you. Although we primarily use PayPal, we are also payment flexible, accepting cash, card, cheque and postal orders.

Browse our site and give us a call on 01709 850864. We’ll help talk you through the benefits of keyboard Midi files or simply help you narrow down your song selection. Our friendly specialists are determined to provide you with the best customer service and product.