Yamaha Keyboards

Are you looking for a new keyboard to help you hone your skills on? There are plenty of fantastic brands available, and Yamaha is one of the best. You will find such a splendid range of Yamaha Keyboards to buy online, with each one presenting a variety of wonderful features.

Strawberry Music Ltd can help you enhance your keyboard playing with our range of software for Yamaha keyboards. We’re currently the main supplier of software for Yamaha Tyros and PSR-S keyboards. So, we’re confident that our website has everything you need to get the most out of your keyboard.

A Variety Of Excellent Choices
We’re proud to offer a fantastic variety of choices for you to buy for your Yamaha keyboard. Our software is diverse, and we provide lots of different USBs or digital downloads that are packed full of the best music choices. From Christmas songs to modern number 1 hits – and even a selection of show tunes or songs from the 80s – there are so many options for you to take a look at.

The beauty of our software is that you can download it to your Yamaha keyboards in just a few minutes. Our USBs are loaded up with hundreds of songs and registrations that you simply have to plug into your keyboard. From here, the system will do the rest! If you want to save money, then we offer instant downloads for you to get your hands on right away. Buy these from our site, and you can download them to your PC, then transfer them to your own USB stick or memory card.

It’s so easy, and you can fill your keyboard with so many amazing songs and tunes to play!

What Yamaha Keyboards Do We Provide Software For?
As mentioned, we are the leading supplier of software for a plethora of Yamaha keyboards. This includes the following products:

Yamaha GENOS
Yamaha TYROS 5
Yamaha TYROS 4
Yamaha TYROS 3
Yamaha TYROS 2
Yamaha TYROS 1
Yamaha PSR-S/PSR

So, if you spot your keyboard on this list, then take a look at what we have on offer. No matter what musical tastes you have, there’s sure to be something that’ll take your fancy.

Why Buy From Us?
We absolutely adore music, and we’ve been supplying software for keyboards and digital pianos for well over 22 years. Our experience means that we know the best music to put together for our digital collections. So, you have so many different genres and types to choose from.

As well as this, we offer as much support as possible for our customers. Our phone lines are open 24/7 – including holidays – so you can give us a call if you have any issues or need any help.

Order Software For Yamaha Keyboards Today
If you have one of the beautiful Yamaha keyboards in circulation today, then come to us for all of your software needs. Ordering couldn’t be any easier; just add the products to your cart and pay online! Physical products are sent out ASAP, and digital downloads can be accessed as soon as you’ve bought them. 

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