Roland Organs

Playing the piano can be fun and a great hobby. It can even be more than a hobby if you want to become a professional player or decide to play keyboard in a band.

Whether you are a professional organ player or someone who is just beginning, having a variety of sound options can be a lot of fun. At Strawberry Music Ltd., we have what you need to take your organ and/or keyboard playing to the next level. We specialize in providing people with software for their digital pianos, keyboards, and organs, and we have 25 years of experience in creating and supplying software for these types of instruments.

Take a minute to picture yourself sitting at home playing your organ. Instead of only having limited options for the sounds that you can have for your organ, you have many different ones from Big Band to Gospel to Broadway Show.

Not only is playing the organ or keyboard fun, but there are great benefits that can come from knowing how to play an instrument like the piano, organ, or keyboard. Did you know that playing the piano can relieve stress? Not only is playing the piano good for your mental health, but it is also great for your brain because it stimulates it. Physically, it can also be helpful as it can strengthen your hand muscles. Knowing how to play the keyboard or piano can also help if you are looking for a creative outlet, and you can learn to play your favourite songs!

Having a variety of different sounds for your organ is all part of the fun of having one. If you buy our software for Roland organs, then you can use the Broadway sound to make it sound like you are playing at a Broadway show. If you want, you can imagine that you really are performing at a real Broadway show. So, buy our software, and get your Broadway music book out or try and remember the Broadway songs you know by heart, because you can have your own Broadway show in your living room tonight.

If you are looking for software options for your keyboard or organ, then we’re here to help. At Strawberry Music Ltd., we answer calls 24/7, even on holidays! So, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 01709 850864 if you live in the UK or +44 1709 850864 if you are outside of the UK. You can also reach us by email if that is your preferred method. Our email address is

So, whether you are thinking about starting a new hobby like playing the organ or if you’re already a pro, you are definitely going to want to check out all of the options that we have available. With our Roland organ software, you can go from playing a gospel song to a Big Band song and have the sounds to be able to do that. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our selection today!

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