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What are the Benefits of Using a Roland Digital Piano?

One of the best things about using a Roland digital piano over an acoustic piano is that it comes with a range of additional features that come with them which make the process of learning and playing the piano a lot more fun.

Using a professional piano teacher will make sure that you get the best start in your learning, avoiding bad habits, and maintaining good techniques. In addition, by using the innovative features of the digital piano, such as Roland, you can have a lot of productive fun while learning.

Roland is also a popular choice for both amateur and professional musicians to enhance both their live and recorded performances.

Here are some of the reasons why we believe that learning on a Roland digital piano is always a good choice for musicians.

Use Headphones for Quieter Practice

Many digital pianos allow for the use of headphones- a welcome addition for people who live with musicians! Additionally, using headphones allows for focused practice time, blocking background noise that can often be distracting.

Develop Your Rhythm Using a Click Track

Having an excellent sense of rhythm is one of the essential factors of a successful musician. Developing this skill can be somewhat challenging to newer musicians who are yet to develop this type of muscle memory. Learners may need to slow down or speed up depending on the time signature of the pieces they are playing, as well as the ability and confidence of the player.

All Roland pianos have an in-built digital metronome that can help to enhance the rhythmic and timekeeping skills of the player. You can quickly and easily flick between settings and tempos with this- usefully this means that while learning, you are able to slow tricker pieces down.

Record and Play Back Performances

Having the ability to record and listen back to your own performances helps you to analyse your own playing and to assess your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to listen out for any issues you may have with timing plus resolving any other issues that may arise.

Recordings can be transferred into computer software that can convert the recording to a score which can be edited and printed out into sheet music so that others are able to play a piece, too- an excellent feature for aspiring composers who wish to quickly and easily get ideas for new compositions onto a manuscript.

Roland pianos are pre-programmed with a wide range of sounds, such as; organ, harpsichord, brass and woodwind instruments, strings, drums and even choirs! This fun feature also helps composers to mimic the sound of live musicians as they put their pieces together.

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