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Sound-Alike XG Software – Pop



Sound-Alike XG Software

Yamaha Sound-Alike software series disk for XG and XF compatible instruments. 

Track listing:
  • BEAUTIFUL Christine Aguilera
  • BELIEVE Cher
  • CAN’T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD Kylie Minogue
  • COMPLICATED Avril Lavigne
  • ETERNAL FLAME Atomic Kitten
  • HOLLYWOOD Madonna
  • IT’S RAINING MEN Gerry Halliwell
  • ROCK YOUR BODY Justin Timberlake
  • THE TIDE IS HIGH Atomic Kitten

Score: All songs are arranged in easy to play keys and owners of instruments with score facility will see the notation displayed on screen when the [SCORE] button is pressed. The melody is included allowing you to learn new or unfamiliar tunes. This canbe cancelled of course when you wnt to play along with the backing.

Guide: The instrument’s GUIDE facility works in the normal way allowing you to follow the ‘bouncing ball’ across the screen. The backing will wait until the correct note is played on the keyboard before continuing. 

Chords for the songs are embedded in the backing track. If you wish to play along with chords simply set up a left sound and follow the chord symbols in the screen.

Style: The accompaniment style used in a song can be over-ridden with your own choice of style backing. Simply choose a rhythm pattern, turn on Accomp. and press the Rhythm Start button while the song is playing. The key rhythm parts of the song will be replaced by the selected style thereby instantly customizing the song to sound just the way you want it to.

Lyrics / Vocal Harmonies: If you wish to sing along, lyrics are displayed in the screen of all compatible instruments – either in the score window or full karaoke mode. In addition, many songs also contain embedded vocal harmonies.