.Spotlight On …TV THEMES (USB & BOOK SET)   GENOS 2

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.Spotlight On …TV THEMES (USB & BOOK SET)   GENOS 2

A superb collection of the best TV THEME registrations for Yamaha Genos 2, supplied on USB pen drive. Supplied with or without the music book.


An abundance of TV THEMES in this 23-song collection. Some terrific nostalgia here. We even tell you where to make your registration changes! 230 GENUINE GENOS 2 REGISTRATIONS Some of the loveliest nostalgic TV themes are covered in this 23 song collection.

Based on the book from the “Easiest Keyboard Collection”, this is a real treat. 

1. As Time Goes By 2. Black Adder 3. Blind Date 4. Cagney And Lacey 5. Coronation Street 6. Dallas 7. Eastenders 8. Eye Level (Van Der Valk) 9. Happy Days 10. Hill Street Blues 11. I Could Be So Good For You (Minder) 12. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (Film 86+) 13. Last Of The Summer Wine 14. Love Is Like A Butterfly (Butterflies) 15. Maigret Theme 16. Match Of The Day 17. Neighbours 18. The Onedin Line 19. Only Fools And Horses 20. The Pink Panther 21. Song From M.A.S.H 22. What’ll I Do? (Birds Of A Feather) 23. Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Hitler (Dad’s Army)

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