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40 new rhythms, each with a variation plus registrations to suit a wide variety of songs like the ones suggested. Categories include STRICT TEMPO PARTY DANCES 1 + 2, 1960s CLASSIC POPS, 1950's CLASSIC POPS and JAZZ & BLUES


  • Barn Dance (Side By Side)
  • Lambeth Walk (Lambeth Walk)
  • Palais Glide (Lily Of Laguna)
  • Charleston (Five Foot Two)
  • Pied Piper (Brazil)
  • Gay Gordons (Loch Lomond)
  • Conga (I Came, I Saw. …)
  • Go Greek (Zorba The Greek)
  • Slow Foxtrot (On The Sunny Side Of The Street)
  • Slow Foxtrot 2 (Sunny)
  • Mayfair Quickstep (Bye Bye Blackbird)
  • Two Step (Macnamara's Band)
  • Saunter (I'll Be Seeing You)
  • Old Tyme Waltz (I'll Be Your Sweetheart)
  • Balmoral Blues (Georgia On My Mind)
  • St. Bernard Waltz (Que Sera Sera)
  • Haunting Ballad (Nights In White Satin)
  • Organ Rock (Light My Fire)
  • French Shuffle (Michelle)
  • Baroque Quartet (Yesterday)
  • French Waltz (Where Do You Go To)
  • Bluesy Organ (House Of The Rising Sun)
  • Beatle Quickstep (All My Loving)
  • Quasi Reggae (Obladi Oblada)
  • Diddley Rhythm (Not Fade Away)
  • Rock Ballad (Great Pretender)
  • Swingy (That'll Be The Day)
  • Pasa Doble Rock (Peggy Sue)
  • Shuffle 'n' Roll (Ain't That A Shame)
  • Holly Beat (Everyday)
  • Rock Rhumba (Three Steps To Heaven)
  • Brass Rock (Summertime Blues)
  • Five Four (Take Five)
  • Five Beat 2 (Take Five)
  • Acker Smooch (Stranger On The Shore)
  • Brassy Blues (Take The 'A' Train)
  • Organ Shuffle (Heart Of My Heart)
  • Jaunty (When My Sugar Walks Down)
  • Cocktail Smooch (The Nearness Of You)
  • Hard Blues (Heartbreak Hotel)